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Today we begin Total Alignment here at Dirty Footprints Studio.  I am very excited, and actually honored to share these next five days of FEARLESS™ Painting invitations with you.  They come directly from Creative Source–I just show up, put in a little elbow grease, and splash some paint around to make them happen for you to receive with your creative juicy heart.

Before we begin, let’s get clear on what the purpose of Total Alignment is–and that is to help guide your body-mind-heart in total alignment with your creative source.  For some of us–it may seem we’re out of alignment with our creative source just a smudge–but for others–you might wonder if you were ever in alignment in the first place.

No worries.  The invitations I present to you this week are intended to build your awareness of where possible blockages to your creative source may be and help nudge you back into total alignment with ease and a whole lot of fun.

But, it’s important to understand that the invitations are not a one shot deal.  They are part of a process–a practice if you may.  They are techniques that if practiced regularly can create space, fluidity, and FEARLESSness in your Creative Juicy Life—not to mention your Art!  So I insist that you take your time here.  Let the process marinate in you.  There is absolutely NO RUSH.

But (there’s that word again), stay committed.  Make an effort and deep intention to do the work.  To show up and give it your all.  And most importantly–to trust.  Not me.  But to trust that what exactly is suppose to happen in the process will occur and bring you closer to total alignment with creative source. Trust your higher self.  Your Artist soul knows what to do.


So many times I hear Artists say they feel stuck or that they made a wrong turn–got further away from their creativity–their Art–their spirit.  So many times I hear Artists complaining that their Muse has hit the road–or that it’s been hiding from them altogether.  So many times I am sadden when I hear Artists looking for inspiration–searching for their voice.

I’m here to tell you that all the answers reside within you already.  Your Artist soul is talking to you all the time—it’s just that there are blockages keeping you from communicating clearly.  These blockages can be emotional, energetic, mental, and even physical.  With a little patience, commitment, and awareness we can begin to notice the subtle and gross ways blockages are present in our body-mind-spirit and begin to remove the debris keeping us from staying truly in the flow of our one beautiful Creative Juicy Life!

In Total Alignment we will address five common blockages that keep Artists feeling stuck, uninspired, and out of alignment with creative source:

1.  Heaviness Around The Heart Center
2.  A Struggle With Inner Balance
3.  Loss Of Energy
4.  Suppression of Full Self Expression
5.  Lack of Stillness and Feeling Grounded

All of these blockages can and do work together in many different ways.  Ways that create fear and lack of trust and confidence in oneself as an Artist.  My deepest intention behind Total Alignment is to help you connect with your innate wisdom through FEARLESS™ Painting to prove to you that yes–your Artist soul does know what to do–and your job is to simply trust and obey!

Now let’s really get started.


One of the most common creative blockages experienced by Artists is heaviness around the heart center.

As Artists, it’s our job to work from our heart–to understand it’s language–and to be truly connected to it mentally-emotionally-physically.

For today’s Total Alignment invitation we will make an effort to connect and feel how our hearts are directly connected to our hands and most importantly our creativity.  We will practice FEARLESS™ painting with an open heart.

BIG REMINDER:  Our hearts NEVER judge, analyze, or search for meaning.  Never ever.


So keep your mind fixated on that thought while you let your heart paint freely and FEARLESS™!

Now I will share more with you about Opening The Heart Center…

[vimeo w=625&h=352]


Something very powerful always happens when a group of like spirited individuals gather together.  I have created a Total Alignment Flickr group for you to share your paintings with and to witness what other FEARLESS™ Painters are experiencing with Total Alignment as well.  Please go HERE to join.

As I will repeat to you again and again–FEARLESS™ Painting is not about the painting–so when you do post your work in the group, I highly encourage you to share your process as well.  If you feel comfortable and ready to do so.  Also–be mindful when commenting on others’ work as well– many times FEARLESS™ Painting can bring to the surface very raw and charged feelings.


If you feel that Total Alignment is mucho helpful–than why not share it with others?!  Please grab a blog button–and if you wish–you can go HERE and grab the embed code to my Total Alignment Introduction video to share on your blog as well.

Plus, Total Alignment will be permanently housed HERE on Dirty Footprints Studio–so you can visit whenever you need that extra nudge back into Total Alignment!  Don’t forget–there is no rush!

Now go on!! Paint FEARLESS™!!!

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