A Little Advice


You would think that since I haven’t posted here in a few days that I was off doing nothing.  Huh?

Well, just the contrary.


First, my internet went down at my home for a few days.  And sure, I could go trudging on down to the coffee shop and make up for the loss connection–but instead, I took it as a sign.

A sign to stay disconnected for that little while–as we waited for the cable guy to finally arrive days later to fix it!

Anyways, I’ve been creating like a rainbow crazy woman, as my friend Lis and I would say!

And–it’s that oil pastel drawing above that started it off.  I originally created it a couple weeks ago–and it went through many different evolutions till it came to its finished state, and I have to say that I’m happy with it.  Well, actually more than happy with it.  I love it.

Yep, love.

And what I love most about it is it got the wheels turning–it got me exploring-prodding-poking-with an intention and plan to go deeper. Get more raw. To explore other ways I can express myself more openly.

But I haven’t forgotten my little oil pastel book either! I’m still truckin’ away at it and just finished Page 7!

Page 7.  Oil pastel on watercolor paper.

It’s nothing real special–mostly done in my Portfolio Water Soluble Oil Pastels.  I was thinking about movement in this little diddy.  That’s it. All she wrote!

Oil pastel on vellum bristol.  17″ x 14″

Next I moved back to oil pastel on vellum–in a little larger format then my journal.  Kind of spooky Halloweenish drawing, dontcha think? Wasn’t my intention–but it arrived all the same.

But then, something was calling me to pull out the ol’ watercolor paints again. So with watercolor paints, oil pastel, and acrylic–I started playing in another one of my Art Journals….

Watercolor, oil pastel, and acrylic paint on vellum bristol.
Watercolor, oil pastel, and acrylic paint on vellum bristol.
Watercolor, oil pastel, and acrylic paint on vellum bristol.
Watercolor, oil pastel, charcoal, and acrylic paint on vellum bristol.

And–seriously–that’ not all.  There’s more.

(But that’s all I’m going to share with you today.)

Plus this one last little piece of advice: TURN OFF THE COMPUTER-MAKE ART!!!

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