Follow The Juice & Drink The Pulp


I feel that this drawing is just a sketch.  A preliminary sketch if you may.  Because as I did it–and as I completed it–all these ideas came to me of how I would like to actually execute it in paint—what I “really” want it to express and look like.

And that totally excites the ga-joobers out of me!

Being at Total Alignment last week inspired me like nothing other as well.  It feels like it’s been a long time since I’ve been in a room full of painters–sharing, discovering, and getting FEARLESS™ together.  All I know now is that I want more of that and not only have I asked the Universe–I’ve fully, with great big open arms have invited it in–and just like that–a snap of the fingers–opportunities are arriving.

That is what being in total alignment is about you see.

Lots of times, we (I included) worry more about what we “should” be doing. We hold some strange loyalty to what we got a degree in–what we are known for–or simply just what we are good at and have been doing for a long time.  Yeah, we’re loyal little soldiers to who we once were. But in doing so, we neglect to see that the juice–the real pulp of living comes in staying connected to who we are right now.  And the best gauge we have for deciphering that is our own pure happiness.

Crazy, I know.
Why don’t they teach us that stuff when we’re in school? Huh?

But what makes us excited–inspired–come ALIVE is where we are most needed.  Where we will do the most service in this world.  That’s the tail we need to be chasing.

And seriously, I’m not writing this for you.

I’m writing it for me.

Because I needed a little wake up call.
A little sweet and soft reminder.
A little kick in the ol’ hiney.

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