This Is How I Make A Living From Being Me


Ok. That’s a photo of me dancing in the rain at Total Alignment.

Dancing gang of Fearlessness

That’s a photo of me and my FEARLESS™ Painters dancing in the rain at Total Alignment.

Rainy Day Painting

These women are so freaking awesome that they even grabbed some vellum bristol and paint and started painting in the rain!!  Seriously!! Look for yourself….


Collaborative Painting (Jennifer, Lisa W. & Tasha)

Now, if life couldn’t get any better….here’s a couple photos of me actually “teaching”at Total Alignment.


Yeah, check out my classroom!

What do you think of the overhead lighting I just put in?!?! Hehe!


But here’s the real thing I want to share with you.
Something that I realized in a flash while at Total Alignment.


You know how I got here?  How I’m able to do what I do–and get paid–simply for being me?

Well, I figured it out.  I realized what it is.

And guess what–you don’t need to take a workshop or purchase someone’s e-book.
The answer is way easier (and cheaper) than that.

Total Alignment 2011

My entire life changed and started to transform
the moment I stopped thinking of my dreams as dreams,
and instead started believing that they are
actually my calling.

My whole purpose.

My reason for being here.


When you finally accept
that the truths your heart keeps whispering to you
are actually what you are here to do.

The whole Universe rises up to serve you.


Is it easy?
Not always.

Is there great risk involved?
Hell yeah!

Can you fail?
It’s guarantee failure will be a part of it.

But failure happens no matter what–
If you chose to listen or not.  No running away from that one–
so why not make friends with it instead.


So I ask you, my dear friends,
when will you stop thinking your dreams are just dreams
and start believing it’s your calling?

Because believe me.

When you finally do-
your life won’t be the only life that changes.

There are hundreds, thousands, even millions of others–
simply waiting for you.

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