My *Art Every Day Month* Project


So, as many of you already know–it’s officially Art Every Day Month again! Wahoo! And this year I have decided to take on a project.

My project is to be a student of color for the month of November.

And I plan to do this through painting still lives–something  I have not done since my art school days.

Something that I actually used to rock at–but just like any skill–if you don’t practice and attend to it–it will begin to slip away.

So last night I started with two oranges sitting on a blue chair and my first painting is the one you see above.

I was not too happy with it.

It felt contrived, ridiculous, and flat.

So like any good student, I started a second one.

Now, we’re talking.

This one isn’t finished–but already it’s starting to feel better.  It’s starting to speak to me–and I actually understand the colors a little better.

I think in the first one I was trying to be too literal.  Trying too hard to “paint a still life”.  In the second one–I’m letting me come through a bit more.

And I should add, when I say I’m a student–I’m serious about this.

When I came up with this idea at the beginning of last week–I went on Amazon and purchased a bunch of books on color as well–and one of them came yesterday–so I made time to read too!

How about you?!

Are you committed to Art Every Day Month this year as well?

I’d love to hear what your intentions are for this month–so please share!!

And, I wish you lots of joy and fun as we Art Every Day together!!!

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