No Time To Paint, So Instead…..

Sketch with ink.  5″ x 3.5″

Today my beloved Hansel was in surgery.  So for a couple hours I had to wait in the waiting room–where I talked to a very sweet old lady and then spent the rest of my time secretly sketching the other families waiting for loved ones as well.  It’s moments like these that I’m glad I keep my pocket sketchbook in my purse.  Sketching took my mind off of things–and made the time go by quicker.

But it’s been one of those days.  No time for painting.  Not even a 15 minute stint!  So, I’ll settle for a little waiting room sketchin’!

And, if you haven’t heard the news yet–today I announced the *Art Journaling Superstar* line-up for my next annual 21 SECRETS coming in 2012.  It’s so packed with phenomenal awesomeness that I can’t help but be giddy.

Yes, giddy.

So be sure to check it out HERE!!!

Plus, it totally made my whole day week to see the *adorable* doodle Aimee of Artsyville did of moi!  Yep–it’s a little embarrassing too–because she totally spilled the beans on some of my dark secrets.  We’re talking farm animals, Gene Simmons, and tramp stamps.  You have to go HERE to see what I mean!

I’m so tickled!

Tickled and giddy!  I guess it wasn’t too bad of a day after all!

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