Only 15 Minutes


Today I had to go to the doctor (baby doctor check up)!

And Nyla had to go to the doctor.  (She has the runs. Will leave it at that.)

And on top of it all–today I felt pretty crappy–so I took it easy–laying around.

But, I did squeeze in 15 minutes to paint before my whole day began.  Right before I started feeling kind of sick.

15 minutes.
That’s it.

And I’d say in those 15 minutes I made quite a difference in my painting–but definitely still not finished.

Plus, I want to add, that yesterday Stephanie left a comment on my blog post HERE commenting about the lines in  my sketch–and another Lovely asked me about it on Facebook–and then–I received 3 more emails asking me about it even!!  So inquiry minds want to know!

What’s up with the lines?!?!

Well, I guess if you look closely you will notice a dot in the middle of Ganesha’s nose and then lines radiating out.

No, sorry, that’s not some fancy technique or secret method for drawing.

I actually have a huge stack of canvas board sitting in my studio that are left over from my Elementary/Middle School Art Teacher days–and a few of them have these pencils designs drawn on them for some kind of exercise I was teaching my kiddos.

For my Art Every Day Month project I decided to use those old canvas boards up—but I can’t seem to erase the design lines completely–so I just ignore them.

When I sketched Ganesha–I just did it free hand with a charcoal pencil–and pretty loosely.  I hate grids or any of those painstaking methods of drawing–I just rather go for it and correct and fudge around with it as I go along!

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