Oranges & Azul


Okey dokey.  I finished this baby.  It’s done.

And I learned something big.

I love my Liquitex Basic paints.  I use them religiously for FEARLESS™ Painting.  They really do the trick–fluid, bright, juicy, and opaque.

But as a “Student of Color” this whole month of November–I’m wondering if I should switch to oils.  Something is telling me to do it–and most of it is because the pigments in Liquitex Basics aren’t very true–I struggle when I’m mixing them–because they don’t mix perfectly–as I know a higher quality oil would.


Got to see if I have any coupons to Michaels!!  But until then–I’ll keep trudging away with my acrylics!

Happy Art Every Day Month Everyone!!

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