Being An *OUTSTANDING* Art Teacher Starts With…

Are You Ready To IGNITE Your Creative Vision To Life?

Here is an excellent example of an outstanding teacher.

Here is another outstanding teacher.

I am always on the hunt for outstanding teachers.  I’m not just talking Art teachers–outstanding teachers in general.  Even those who are teachers and don’t even know it–those are my favorite actually.

The reason why, is being in the presence of an outstanding teacher makes me a better teacher as well.
Heck, it makes me a better person, period.

And here’s the thing–here’s the clue to finding an outstanding teacher…

Outstanding teachers freely give of themselves without worry or concern that someone is going to steal what they have or copy how they do things.

They just teach.

Naturally. Organically.  Generously.

I remember awhile back there was all this hoopla on the internet about respect and teaching. All this outrage that teachers were teaching and their students were then going on and teaching what they taught. It was like a witch hunt–and I wanted no part of it.

But here’s the thing everyone failed to notice—mediocracy is the easiest (and cheapest) thing to steal/copy/imitate/produce.

What I’ve noticed is that many mediocre teachers go to great extent to protect what they feel is theirs.

Instead, what if we invested that energy in becoming OUTSTANDING?

What if we invested that energy in ourselves–in creating space for new ideas to arrive–instead of in creating space for more fear?

What if we invested that energy in creating possibility instead of an arsenal of defense?

Personally, I feel that if you invest your energy into becoming the best you possible–
You’re untouchable.

Better yet, you’re your own monopoly.

Everyone knows there’s a big difference between a pair of Valentino jeans and the ones you buy at Wal Mart.

Just like there is a big difference between an OUTSTANDING teacher and a mediocre one.

Like Eric, my Yoga Teacher Training Teacher always says:  mediocracy is exhausting.

I couldn’t agree more.

IGNITE goes on sale this Monday—I can’t wait!!!

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