The Return Of The Pod


Last year right around this time I started painting THESE pod paintings and THESE pod paintings and THESE  pod paintings.  Yep–I was all about these organic, root-like, intestinal-like, pepper-like, amebic-like shapes.   And then—just like that, I got it out of my system and moved on.

The strange thing is, well, maybe it’s really not that strange to be honest, but, these pod like shapes have danced their way in and out of my life throughout the years.  There was even a time in my early twenties in Art School that I was drawing and painting them then.  Then–right before leaving Cleveland, Ohio six years ago–I was experimenting with making them out of clay.

I have no real ideas what they mean–or if they fit some greater purpose of some sort.  I really don’t care.  I just enjoy making them.

Kind of like some folks get a kick out of zentangles or mandalas.

I have  a thing for drawing jabba the hutt type shapes.

So that’s what I’ve been up to on the Art front.  Just me, some ink, and a few Prisma colored pencils.

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