A Declaration Of Devotion


Last Monday I woke up in the morning and the very first thing that came to mind is that I need to lower my limit on registration for IGNITE from 12 women to 10.

Just like that.  This thought.  This incredible feeling said that 12 was too many.  That 12 was greedy.  That 12 would hinder me from fulfilling my real mission of what IGNITE is truly about.

So shortly after my morning routine I went on the IGNITE page and changed 12 to 10.

That’s it.  A simple notion.  A solid decision made from listening to my gut.  Or as I like to think of it–Creative Source.

Two days later IGNITE sold out.

Just like that.   Weeks had gone by since the last person registered and even weeks since someone even emailed me with interest.  I was starting to come up with a new plan to get the word out and discuss what IGNITE has to offer–and then, like I said, I literally woke up and heard what I needed to do.

Now, here’s the thing.  I bet I could recruit those two other women by the time IGNITE starts in October.  And having those two other women join IGNITE would be $9000 more in my pocket, for sure.

But I don’t mess around when it comes to staying in total alignment with Creative Source.  When I hear something, and I mean really hear it–I listen.

Though this is a constant practice.  Something I have to bring myself back to again and again and again.

But seriously, it’s these kind of things–these beautiful synchronicities–these gorgeous coincidences that have helped me build trust around my commitment to staying in total alignment with my truth–with Creative Source–with following my intuition.

I completely believe that the reason I sold out of IGNITE last week is because I heard what really needed to be done to complete the energy of this group.  Something was a little off before–and I fixed it. So bam–back in business so to say.

Now, believe me–I’m the furthest away from being some New Agey kind of gal.  I just firmly believe that our intuition is no joke.  I firmly believe with all my might that our jobs down here on this planet is to stay in the flow–and that we’ll always be supported.

I believe that.

I can tell you beautiful story after story about how my bravery to listen and follow, listen and follow, listen and follow has built the beautiful life I exist in.  But it doesn’t matter.  Most people look at me like I’m crazy or think I was just born lucky.

But just because I listen and follow doesn’t mean shitty things don’t happen. Doesn’t mean that I don’t have my own pile of heartache and worry sometimes.  Because I do.  I just choose to trust and listen.   I just choose to believe that life happens for me–not to me.

And sometimes I just wish more people would get it.  That more people would struggle less and trust more.  That more people would see that many of the obstacles they perceive are only obstacles that exist in their mind.

That really, we are so much more capable of things than we give ourselves credit for.

The real reason why I write this is not to brag–or not even to announce that IGNITE is officially sold out.  But as a declaration–a reminder to myself if you may, that this is my devotion.  This is why I am here.  To live in total alignment with Creative Source–to make my decisions based on intuition and trust–and to most importantly help others open the space around their hearts–so in maybe–just even a teeny tiny bit–they too can find the room and courage to do the same.

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