A 21 SECRETS Sneak Peek


Wanna a little sneak peek into 21 SECRETS?

Here are some teasers for a few of the workshops you will receive.

Remember, at 21 SECRETS you have full access to all the workshops from April 1st through January 1st! Work at your own pace–and visit them as many times as you like!

Now here’s a little peek….

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JOURNAL QUEST™  :: Tracie Hanson
JournalQuest™ is geared towards the creation of backgrounds and focal points for your pages.The technique also translates into painting on larger canvas or paper.  The “journaling” or written parts is left to you . . .

You won’t find any “art school-y” secrets in this class.In fact, the images you create may feel “dream-like” or “random” . . .

As a onetime archaeologist, I’m drawn to discovery and mysteryrather than the “correct way” to paint or make art.

I hope you’ll find it enjoyable and a little different than other techniques you’ve tried.The images are there . . . waiting to be excavated by you!

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JOURNALING OUR (HE)ART OUT  :: Nolwenn Petitbois
In Journaling our (HE)art out, we will be using the symbol of the heart, this shape we know since weʼre little kids, and make it tell what is actually inside ours. Put it out on paper. The fears, the shames, the doubts. And make it something beautiful we can look at afterwards if we want as a reminder that we can always shift the negative thoughts into something awesome that would help us heal. ______________________________

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The word “Mandala” is a Sanskrit word meaning “Circle”, they are an iconic part of human culture well known for their calming effect on the mind and body. The creative process of making mandalas is an ancient form of meditation and healing that is deeply calming and insightful. In “Wisdom Circles”, we use myth and legend to infuse the art of creating mandalas within the pages of our journals. Through visualization, reflection and instruction we create aour own beautiful, deeply personal, and symbolic mandalas.


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The world around us sometimes tries to take us out of our POSITIVE, HAPPY, JOYFUL place. We can succumb to those contrasts OR we can manifest some POSITIVES from them. One way to do that, is to be kinder to ourselves. In this workshop, we will create ART and send ourselves some of those POSITIVES.

We will make 7 postcards that we can mail to ourselves over a week – on a week that we NEED them. Once home, they can be put into a book ( mini – album) that we construct. The book will be made with pockets for you to pull out your postcards to see and a simple sewn binding.


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In this fun class we will use cut-up credit cards to create flowers! My husband tells me to feel free to cut up any credit card in my wallet— but, of course, any credit car or key card will work! (I donʼt advise you to use your active ones!) I will show you how I cut mine into several shapes to create flowers, leaves and stems. We will also discuss briefly one of the most important concepts in any painting… value. I wonʼt bog you down with a value study but we certainly donʼt want any hokey paintings and a painting without light, medium and dark values will certainly fit into the hokey category. So, get ready to create fun flowers in your journal, on a stretched canvas and for just about anything else you can think of. All from a little credit card.

21 SECRETS opens Sunday!

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