How I Decided To Quit My Job


People ask me all the time how I decided to quit my job.

Sure there’s a bit more to it than this….but in those last final moments before I actually drove to work and quit my job (almost two years ago) I sat with my journal first.

I wrote down what the most incredible, freaking fantastic best scenario that could ever happen to me by quitting my job and dedicating myself to Dirty Footprints Studio 100% could be.

Then I wrote down what I feared.  I wrote about how I could actually fail.  Fall flat on my face.
Totally bomb.

Then I wrote what I would do next if that happened.  How I would pick myself up again, brush myself off, and go apply for a job at the bakery at the end of my street for awhile until I could try it all over again.

To be honest with you–that’s how I make all my decisions.  I visualize the dream and how perfect things could be—I visualize how I could totally fail and bomb—and then I visualize how I will pick up and try again.

I believe that’s all there is to it.

Success is 100% possible.
So is failure.

But self reliance, determination, and passion trumps them both.
That’s the real key.

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