I’m Ready!


I don’t think I’ve ever made my own mandala before.  When I used to teach Elementary Art–I always had a lesson on mandalas and would show the kiddos tons of awesome work by other amazing Artists–but I never actually sat down and made my own.  (I don’t think!)

Until now.

I’ve been slowly working away at the above mandala in my sketch book for the last week–and absolutely loving it!  I love how each element I added would spark an idea for the next.

Such an intuitive, meditative process for sure!

But I’m going to be honest…I’ve been spending my time deeply inward.  Unplugged from the internet and listening to my body, my heart, and the sweet sound of birds chirping outside throughout the day.

I’m 39 weeks prego today and my doctor said that the little guy can arrive any time now.

I’m ready.  Ready to meet him and begin this next chapter of my journey.  Ready to be a Mom and to share my life with this little soul.  Ready to learn and discover and laugh and cry.  Ready to be surprised and left in awe.

I’m ready to say good bye to the beautiful life I’ve lived for so long–to embrace arms wide open the great unknown of a life I know will be full of so much more.

I’m ready.

So, so ready.

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