Mandalas! Mandalas! Mandalas!

Mandala #3.  Ink in sketchbook.

First, thank you so much to everyone that keeps sending us tons of LOVE, light, and blessings as I still wait for the arrival of our little guy.  This Friday will mark 40 weeks prego–and the Doctor said “any day now”!!

(She said that.  She really, really did!!! I heard her–I know I did!!!)

So basically I’ve just been patiently waiting around and fully enjoying my new found love of creating mandalas!  Above are two of my most recent (& HERE‘s Mandala #1).

Plus, this past weekend I dove into Dion Dior‘s Wisdom Circle workshop over at 21 SECRETS.  She has such an easier approach to creating mandalas—that I realize I’ve been making it way, way harder on myself than I think it needs to be! So I look forward to trying her approach sometime soon. You can go HERE to see some of the work that her students are creating.

And, if all this mandala love gives you the itch–be sure to check out my dear friend Heather Plett‘s mandalas as well.  She’s been on a daily mandala kick for months now.  Take a looksie at some of them  over HERE.  Plus,  she even hosts one-on-one’s and group mandala workshops where she guides you to use the mandala as a tool for self discovery.  You can learn more about her mandala workshops HERE.

Still craving more mandala inspiration?  My beloved FEARLESS Painter Hali Karla makes mandalas too that got me all jazzed.  You can see her mandalas HERE.

Last, a friend of mine saw my first mandala and emailed me the work of an amazing Artist that is making mandalas that are way cool.  But I’ll save that for tomorrow–with a little FEARLESS Inspiration!

Yep, mandalas are a tad addictive!  I encourage you to trace a bowl (or a tea kettle–like I do) and try them out for yourself as well!

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