I Need Your Help


I took this photo of the sky only moments after hearing the news that my dear friend, Uncle Johnny, died.

Ever since then–I can’t get my eyes off of it.
I keep taking photos of it actually–and have become just so mesmerized, for the lack of a better word–by how the sky keeps changing.

Every second.

It’s never one shade of blue.  Never the same composition of clouds in the sky.

Even the trees or buildings or electrical wires that frame it–they keep transforming it’s body.

We take the sky for granted.  We think of it as stagnant and reliable and well, the sky.

But look at it.
It’s not constant.  It’s far from reliable–it’s unpredictable.

Out of nowhere a storm can appear.  Sunshine can be obscured by rain.

But better yet, clouds can transform from white to pink to layers of gold and tangerine.

And what does the sky do?  It holds all of it in it’s majesty.

How many times have we looked to sky with hope?  With our dreams? With sadness or the brightest of joy?

No wonder we think Heaven is somewhere up above…it sees everything we do.  It holds us.  It nurtures us.  It hears our prayers.  Every single one of them.

I need your help.

I can’t make it to Cleveland for Uncle Johnny’s funeral, so instead I want to create something for him as a memorial.

Knowing Uncle Johnny he would prefer I put my energy toward a creative project instead of tears–so here I go.

I have a vision of a FEARLESS Painting Inspiration video I want to make that involves the sky.  I’m asking you for your help—could you please take a photo of the sky by where you live?

Just step outside and look up–where ever you are–and shoot it–then send it to me.  But even more—hold someone in your heart that you have too lost.

I want to connect pieces of the sky together from all over the world.  Connect the spirits of those we love who are no longer with us as well.

There is no criteria for your photo–other than show me the sky.

And then, please email it to me at DirtyFootprints@yahoo.com.  Along with where you took it, your name, and the name of the person you held in your heart.

I will add your photo to my memorial FEARLESS Painting Inspiration video–and I will also include the person’s name you are making it a memorial too as well.

Please send me your photos by this Thursday, June 28th at midnight PST.  I hope to get the video out next Thursday, July 5th if all goes well.

Thank you for your help.  Thank you.

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