Postcards From Total Alignment


My second annual (soon to be biannual) Total Alignment retreat was this past Thursday, October 4 through Sunday, October 7.

FEARLESS Painters from all over the world gathered together at the Creative Life Center in Sedona, Arizona for an extended weekend of FEARLESS Painting, hiking, sisterhood, and yummy delicious food.

There is an incredible energy of healing and love that surfaces when women gather together.

But when women gather together as FEARLESS Painters–all sharing the same values of painting as spiritual practice–magic happens as well.

Add the beautiful medicine of Sedona, Arizona to the mix and everything is intensified.

Love.  Wisdom. Creativity. Healing. Trust.  Clarity.


I pour my Soul into this retreat.

I cover every detail with my love of FEARLESS Painting, connecting with Creative Source and deep spiritually nourishing community.

And it’s not just me.  Hansel, the Love of my life, cooks for us nutritious food made with so much love and joy you can taste it in every bite!

Total Alignment is about family.  My family.

Which includes these beautiful FEARLESS Painters.

When each FEARLESS Painter arrives at Total Alignment–I always welcome them with a hug and by saying “Welcome home.”

We all need a place to go where we can just be.

Be ourselves.

Be messy.

Be emotional.

Be alive and vibrant.

Be celebrated.

Be blessed.

Be loved.

Total Alignment is a place to just be and receive the tools and wisdom to always be able to access our truth.

No matter how complicated, painful, or mundane our everyday life may sometimes be.

Total Alignment guides us to feel what it feels like to be FEARLESS and free.

So we know that it’s always a natural part of us.

And most especially–Total Alignment provides you with an abundance of FEARLESS painting supplies–so you paint your heart out like crazy!!!

Maybe I’ll see you at the next Total Alignment in the Spring!!

It goes on sale super soon!  Sign up for my Dirty Footprints Studio newsletter to know when–it always sells out immediately–and it’s limited to only 12 women.

Until then…be Love, spread light, and paint FEARLESS.

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