Swooning Over Hali Karla, Joanne Sharpe, & Jodi Ohl


Today I have the honor of swooning over three more heart-centered, talented 21 SECRETS teachers!!! I’m excited to introduce you to Hali Karla, Joanne Sharpe, and Jodi Ohl!

I had the pleasure of first meeting Hali Karla in my FEARLESS® Painting workshop BIG.  You can even find her on the BIG webpage standing arms wide open with her BIG masterpiece.  Since then, it has been such a joy to witness her transformation and growth as an Artist as she journeys the Artist path of infusing the Sacred with her creativity.  Along with creating juicy paintings–Hali also holds space for women in her free Sacred Art of Women group where she hosts a monthly prayer painting and supports the sacred making of Art of women everywhere. Having her in 21 SECRETS simply will deepen the art journaling experience for everyone.

Art by Hali Karla.




One of my favorite past times is sipping a chai at the bookstore while making my way through Art Journaling magazine–that’s exactly how I discovered Joanne Sharpe last year!! I was instantly drawn to Joanne’s very heart-centered approach to making Art–and Joanne is passionate about sharing her creative spirit with others–her busy teaching schedule is proof of that.  Plus, if you have a thing for fun lettering–Joanne is all over that too!!  She’s got talent that oozes out of her and splashes bright, juicy colors across everything she touches!! I’m so happy that she’ll be sharing her magic at 21 SECRETS this year by taking a different spin on art journaling through stitching!!  It’s gonna be fun!


Art by Joanne Sharpe.




Jodi Ohl is the bomb!! She is a passionate painter whom I just adore soaking in all the tid-bits of painting that she shares over on Instagram regularly.  I feel her art work has a real honesty and liveliness to it.  She paints everything from sweet little cupcakes, whimsical houses, and other cute treasures–to these more moody portraits of women that I’ve simply been falling in love with lately!  Plus, Jodi is truly a sweetheart!  I had the pleasure of working aside her in last year’s Life Book hosted by Tam Laporte–and now it gets me all giddy that she’ll be bringing her beautiful self to 21 SECRETS this year too!


Art by Jodi Ohl.



Please join me next Friday as well as I swoon over Kate Crane, Kim Phillips van Buren, and Kristina Oppegard.  To check out past swooning go HERE!


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