Swooning Over Kate Crane, Kim Phillips Van Buren, & Kristina Oppegard


It’s Friday!!! Time to swoon over three more amazing 21 SECRETS teachers!! This week I’m honored and excited to introduce you to Kate Crane, Kim Phillips van Buren, and  Kristina Oppegard–three Artists who have touched my heart through their whimsy and wisdom!


The main criteria I look for in a 21 SECRETS teacher is that they are heart centered in their work–that there is a sincere sense of openness and generosity and sharing to them.  I felt this right away when I first found Kate Crane!  She is a prolific teacher as well as Artist–and her work is fun, vibrant, and JUICY!  Plus, it has been such a pleasure to get to know Kate as we work on 21 SECRETS together.  This is going to be her first online workshop–and she has really jumped in feet first!!  So honored that she is sharing this inaugural event with us!

Art by Kate Crane.



I have known Kim Phillips Van Buren for a few years now…we first met in my online workshop BIG–where she won me over with her humor, whimsy, and devotion to bringing play and joy into life.  Since than Kim has joined me twice to paint FEARLESS with me in Sedona (and she makes the trek all the way from the Netherlands!!)–and this past October while she was painting away–I picked up a sweet little art journal she had placed next to her palette and asked if I could take a look.  I knew immediately–that I wanted her to be one of my 21 SECRETS teachers.  Every page in her journal pulled me in–with lots of nuances and little places of wonder!  The whole book was just soaked in the most honest, sweetest, beautiful creativity–just like Kim.  I know that her workshop is going to be a beautiful reflection of all that I adore about her incredibly!  I’m very excited that she said yes to join 21 SECRETS this year!

Art by Kim Phillips Van Buren.


I know the lovely Kristina Oppegard as Tempura…an affectionate nickname she somehow picked up from the years of painting FEARLESS with me!  Yes, Kristina is also another amazing Artist I met through my online workshop BIG years ago–who has really grown and expanded as an Artist since than.  Her work is pure magic–filled with love and wisdom and lots of yummy layers!!  And last year, while hearing her thoughts and feelings on being an Artist Healer herself–I knew I wanted this amazing Spirit as one of my 21 SECRETS teachers.  Magic. Love. Truth….that’s Kristina.

Art by Kristina Oppegard.



To register for 21 SECRETS jump on over HERE!! HERE.

To learn more about the teachers in 21 SECRETS I’ve been swooning over please go HERE!!  See you next Friday for more swooning!

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