Swooning Over Marah Johnson, Rachel Awes, & Rae Missigman


It’s Friday!! So that means time to swoon over my amazing 21 SECRETS teachers!! Today I roll out the rainbow colored carpet for Marah Johnson, Rachel Awes, and Rae Missigman…

Marah Johnson creates magic!! That’s what her art work looks and feels like to me! Magic!! She uses very ethereal colors, textures, and patterns that have a real softness and sweetness to them.  When I first found her blog I just swooned over her pieces like crazy!  Plus, I love that Marah will be bringing her magic to 21 SECRETS not only by sharing her magical artistic touch–but by encouraging us to believe in a little bit of magic too in her workshop!

Art by Marah Johnson.


If Rachel Awe‘s book All I Did Was Listen is not already a part of your permanent book collection–I highly suggest you change that today!  This book was a beloved companion for me as I navigated my way through a very difficult time last year.  Honestly, it felt like a gift from Heaven as each night before I went to bed I made room for a few pages of the wisdom, encouragement, and honest reflections that fill the pages.  But even more delightful about this book are Rachel’s whimsical drawings that dance color and joy all over!! It is such an honor to have Rachel sharing her light with us in this year’s 21 SECRETS! I can’t wait!

Art by Rachel Awes.


What I find so heart warming about Rae Missigman is how absolutely humble she is.  In my opinion–this woman is a superstar!! Her art work has been published all over the place–she writes a blog that’s full of engaging content, and she’s got talent oozing out of her pores…but Rae will tell you that she’s just happy to keep creating work that come from her heart and sharing it with you.  I think Rae and her workshop are going to be a big hit in this 21 SECRETS!!


Art by Rae Missigman.



21 SECRETS starts April 1st…but you can reserve your space and learn more by going HERE.

To learn more about the teachers I’ve already swooned over go HERE.

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