Swooning Over Terri Kahrs, Tracy Verdugo, & Whitney Ferré


Oh no…today is the last swoonfest of the season! I’m honored and excited to introduce you to the last three 21 SECRETS teachers we have in the line up:  Terri Kahrs, Tracy Verdugo, and Whitney Ferré.  Only a little over two weeks till 21 SECRETS officially begins!!

The one thing I feel I’m not so great at is collage!! Maybe that’s why I really admire Artists that not only incorporate collage into their Art making–but really have a strong voice and interesting way of doing it!  That’s what drew me to Terri Kahrs when I first found her work on Flickr!  She is a Queen at cut and pasting and putting it all together into a piece that tells a story–or in the case of her 21 SECRETS workshop this year–hides a story as well!  It has been such a pleasure to get to know Terri as well–she really pours her all into teaching and inspiring others!!

Art by Terri Kahrs.


It’s hard not to fall in love with Tracy Verdugo!  Her paintings are pure candylicious fabulousness!!  I just deeply admire her lush palette, her very dreamy way of expressing herself, and most especially her very generous heart.  Miss Tracy is a woman on fire!! She is always jet setting to some part of the world inspiring others with her creative mojo!! I feel so honored that she can take a pause and share her magic with us in 21 SECRETS this year too!

Art by Tracy Verdugo.


Whitney Ferré hosts 24 hour live painting parties.  Need I say more?!  Any person this dedicated to pushing paint around wins a place in my heart all the way!! Not only does Whitney live the life of a practicing Artist–she also leads others to do the same with her amazing Creatively Fit programs.  I am so happy that Whitney will be sharing her spiritual approach to Art making in this year’s 21 SECRETS!

Art by Whitney Ferré.


You can learn more about the 21 SECRETS teachers I’ve been swooning over HERE.  And you can register for 21 SECRETS HERE!

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