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I think I’m one of the last people you should ask about running a creative business.  Only because my answer is probably one size fits Connie.

The way I run my business is when I hear to do something in my heart–I do it.
When I hear to no longer do something–I stop doing it.

I’ve never had an actual business plan.
I don’t keep a list of goals handy.
At one time I had a mission statement–but who know’s what ever happened to that.

What I do know is that when I truly hear to do something–I do it.  I make it happen–and I’m pretty dang good at figuring out how to make things happen.

And you know why?

Because I’m not afraid to put myself out there.  I’m not afraid to fail.

Yes, there is a handful of things that I am afraid of–but failing at something in my business is not high on the list.  Failing at something in my business is purely information for me that I need to move in a different direction–that something isn’t gellin’.

And usually when I’m failing at something in my business–it’s because I was ignoring that voice inside me that knows best and tried to tell me not to do it in the first place.

Also, lately I’ve been in this really funky place.

I’ve been feeling like Dirty Footprints Studio is evolving.  But what does that mean?–what am I suppose to do?–what will it look like?

Luckily I’ve grown to learn that these answers don’t just come over night.  This stuff takes sweet time.

It’s a process.  A journey.  An ADVENTURE is how I really like to think of it.

So for me, running a creative business is all about trusting in myself–following my inner compass.  Not always the easiest way to run a creative business–but the only way that feels right to me.


Thank you Lynne Wilson for inspiring me to write this post!  This is what Lynne asked:

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To Be Of Service is a blog series every Wednesday where you ask me a question–and I answer by sharing my own life and experience.  Though it is my complete believe that all women possess the wisdom and direction we each will ever need–so I will never provide you with advice.  Instead it is my sincere wish to be simply an oracle or a spark of inspiration for you to connect with your own deeper knowing. Thank you for trusting in me.

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