A Beautiful Opportunity

One of my beloved FEARLESS Painters that paid for and was planning to attend my retreat Total Alignment in Sedona this September 12-15 has completely transformed her life in the most beautiful way–she has recently packed up her family and followed her dream to work on a winery which includes a beautiful cottage as an art studio….it’s harvest time on the winery and she is unable to leave her new position for the retreat.

She has graciously asked me to offer her spot to someone who can make her their best offer for her spot in Total Alignment. Please email me at DirtyFootprints(at)yahoo(dot)com if you are interested.

And please share this post if you feel it in your heart to help find the right Soul.

Total Alignment is designed to gently guide your body, soul, and creativity back into Total Alignment–that sweet place where you feel at most peace–at most like your true FEARLESS self.  We do so through FEARLESS Painting, hiking, and nourishing sisterhood.  For more information on Total Alignment please go HERE.

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