An Ode To Frank Gehry


In the middle of structures built over a century ago sits the sculptural genius that is a Frank Gehry building.

Yes, I have a thing for those buildings of old–their ornate doorways, decorative window sills, and steep stairwells.

But c’mon, give me the curves and rolls of metal against brick.

Let’s defy tradition like a rockstar by taking a pilgrimage around it’s perimeter.

Oh Mr. Gehry, how I love the way you whip the roof back and forth through the sky.  Inviting the clouds and drips of sunshine to dance across its curvaceous body wildly.

Show me again what it means to build.  How important it is to be flexible, to stretch, to forget all laws of linear equation and just flow from the core of your existence.

Tell me how it feels to be the odd one out, the risk taker extraordinaire, the one you can’t help but talk about.

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