Claiming Sovereignty

I’ve been here 13 days.  Sweet, symbolic 13 days.

It wasn’t an accident. Believe me.  I needed to come back here for awhile.

My feet have been aching for the caress of thick grass.

My fingertips forgot what storm clouds felt like.

And oh how I needed to suck on blueberries soaked in Limoncello and laugh so violently that it christened my Soul.

I needed this.

I needed to be reminded.  To have old friends hook their arms tightly around my waist and whisper in my ear about the woman they used to know.

I had to hear the stories.  See the facts for myself.

Read my history in tree rings.

So I could know….

That this is the path to resurrection.  This is how the Maverick collects their tall tales.

This is how a Woman breaks free from the chains she wore like a bracelet.

This is how Pioneers for ages have tended the fire of their own existence.

This is how I claim my Sovereignty back.

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