You would have thought the conversation was totally rehearsed until someone muttered the word “risk”.

That’s when the huge applause started.

But I think I was the only one that heard it,  being that it was my own heart doing the celebrating.

Finally. Finally someone said it.

Said the word I kept trying to wrap my tongue around all day.


Have you ever noticed that we don’t take enough Risks?

Nobody ever dreams of a quaint little cabin, or a luxury condo in NYC, and then blows it all away over passion.

We’re not programmed for Risk.  Right?

We’re conditioned to believe that the dream lies in vision boards
and journal prompts
and displays neatly organized on Pinterest.

We’ll settle for close to, one day, sometime, maybe.

Anything except Risk.

That’s why everyone gave out a great sigh instead of jumped to their feet with confetti.

That’s why most of us are growing old.

That’s why some of us never truly start living.

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