Keep It Organic


Just recently the beautiful Lis interviewed me for a lovely project she is working on.  She was curious about my sketchbook practice, and it was helpful for me to take some time and actually reflect upon it.

But one of the questions she asked me was if I had any tips on incorporating a sketchbook practice or any art practice into our busy lives.

This really stumped me, to be honest.

I’ve always done art.

And I mean always.

As a kid, I never even owned a Barbie.

Bob Ross art kits, the newest crayola marker packs, how-to-draw books, and tempera paints up the kazoo–yes.  Barbies–no.

I was lucky to go to a high school where you could major in art.  Then off to art school and so on.

Because art has always been a priority in my life, I think that’s why I’m not sure on how to tell people tips on incorporating it, except just do it.

For example, I was really proud of the sketch you see above–it took me maybe 15 minutes and I did it with Phoenix sitting in my lap and then eventually with him stabbing my watercolors with the cap of a Pitt pen and then proceeding to climb my back like a ladder.

And the truth is, I had to do it.  Phoenix didn’t sleep much the night before, we were having a nutty morning to say the least, and I had to ground myself or I was gonna lose my patience.  But then all of a sudden I noticed how sweet and calm Nyla was asleep on the rug, and I just sat down and sketched her.

I think when I was done I folded the laundry and washed dishes.

For me, art is a part of my life.

Maybe that’s the advice I can give you if you’re wondering how to bring more art into your life.  Maybe I can be more helpful than just do it.

The key is to allow your creativity to be organic.  Don’t put so much pressure on yourself that your art practice has to look a certain way, or last a certain amount of time, or even make you feel a certain way.

Sneak it in if you have to.

I can’t tell you how many times I have stolen an extra 15 minutes in the grocery store parking lot just to sketch a little before having to go home and be responsible again.

Or the fact that my family must think I suffer from constipation because really I’m sneaking in a little sketching while in the bathroom.

Plus recently, I’ve decided to rethink my day and start going to bed early so I can rise early and have a  few solid hours completely dedicated to my creative practice. This has really shifted my happiness in my life–and I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner!

And last, I’m just going to say it…get off the computer.

MAKE ART.  It’ll make you feel better.


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