Women Are Gathering


This past weekend I hosted a Creative Women’s Circle in Cleveland, Ohio.  It was such a beautiful experience.

Nine amazing beacons of light gathered together with me overlooking the gorgeous navy blue body of Lake Erie.

We spoke out truth, shared our hearts, and created in our sketchbooks and art journals.

It truly felt like we had known each other for years–but for most of us, we just met that morning.

This whole experience made me think that there is truly something powerful happening in the world right now.  And it’s all because:

Women are gathering.

We are opening our hearts and allowing ourselves to be seen.

We are giving ourselves and other women permission to fall apart.

We are embracing the powerful, strong, creative forces that we naturally are.

But the best part is that we are seeking each other out–

we are answering the call–

we are healing the world–

we are evolving our collective Soul.

That’s right.

Women are gathering.

Thank you to the amazing women in Cleveland that answered my call.

My heart is overflowing.


This September I will be gathering heart-centered, creative women together again

in Sedona for Total Alignment and

online LIVE for Gather, Retreat, PAINT & Repeat.

I would love for you to join us.

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