So Much Goodness

It is going to be a jammed pack week of fun stuff–and I’m not even quite sure where I should begin!

First, this Thursday at 4pm PST will begin my third annual Total Alignment retreat in Sedona, Arizona. FEARLESS Painters from all over the USA and Canada are beginning their pilgrimage to this beloved, magical town of Sedona for a long weekend of FEARLESS Painting, hiking, and sweet, sweet sisterhood.

I am always so blessed to guide them into connecting with their Creative Source and experiencing that true Total Alignment of body, Soul and paintbrush.  You can learn more about my Total Alignment retreat by going HERE.

But you don’t have to travel to Sedona to receive a little help in finding your own Total Alignment at home.  I host a totally free Total Alignment workshop right HERE on Dirty Footprints Studio that you can do at your own pace and return to again and again when you need that little nudge back into alignment!


Above are some photos from my very first Total Alignment.  Creating this retreat has been a dream of mine for a very long time–and each time I host it, my Soul feels a bit brighter.
Are hosting retreats part of your dream as well?
Be sure to sign up for the Dirty Footprints Studio newsletter, because this week on Thursday I’ll be sending out an issue where I share a little of the behind the scenes of hosting a successful retreat.  I’ll include things like what supplies I use and how I get myself prepared.
You can sign up for the Dirty Footprints Studio newsletter HERE.

It’s finally coming!!! DEEP the second part of the FEARLESS® Painting Adventures is finally being released as a self guided tour on Monday, September 30th Thursday, September 12th!

I will have more information all about it this week Thursday!!!


This past weekend I totally got my FEARLESS Painting on again–and I’m absolutely loving, loving, LOVING where the painting is taking me (and even how it is turning out)!

So, all this week I’ll be sharing with you that exact painting…and I’ll be honest, it’s one of the most raw, vulnerable, primal paintings I’ve done in a long time….but if by sharing it I inspire even one blessed Soul to begin painting FEARLESS from their heart–it will be all worth it!

So please stay in touch here at Dirty Footprints Studio all week!


There are two huge sales happening now in 21 SECRETS Land!! First–today the current 21 SECRETS goes on sale for $49–this sale will last until October 1st when registration for 21 SECRETS 2013 closes for good–so if you want to get in last minute come on over HERE to sign up.

Also, 21 SECRETS LIVE! is still having a pretty sweet pre-sale!  You can purchase this fun LIVE workshop that starts January 15 by going HERE!!

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