Two (And A Half) JUICY Announcements!!


Today I am excited to make two really juicy announcements.

Well, more like two and a half!

First, I am super-out-of-this-world-so-crazy-excited to announce a brand new venture I am heading on–and that is I am busy creating my very first Guidebook! But not just any ol’ Guidebook!

A Guidebook for Artists to use to help them begin creating the LIVE workshops, creative circles, and retreats of their dreams!

I want to share my 17+ years of experience creating successful (and non-successful ones too) workshops, creative circles, and retreats with other Artists so you too can use this information to do things that I’ve been blessed to do that make my life as an Artist so deeply fulfilling and financially successful.

I mean seriously–today I am off to host my third annual Total Alignment in beautiful, magical Sedona!!

You can make your dreams of gathering women together a reality as well–I want to help you!

So jump on over HERE to learn more about my very first guidebook on Workshops, Creative Circles, and Retreats!!  If you purchase it between now and November 14th you receive an invitation to a private Spreecast with me–where I’ll be discussing the Guidebook and answering your questions!!

My second juicy announcement is that *finally* DEEP is being released today as a self-guided FEARLESS® Painting Adventure!!  Many of you have been asking when it would happen–and now it has!

In DEEP we journey for six weeks with one painting.

Yes.  Six weeks.  One painting.

We totally go DEEP!

I loveeeed this experience, even though personally it kicked my butt more times than I care to remember!! But in the end, it made me a stronger FEARLESS Painter–and much more in tuned with my heart.

If you feel that you are ready to take your FEARLESS Painting Practice to a deeper level…than go HERE to learn more!

The half part of my two and a half juicy announcements is that today you can now purchase both BIG and DEEP in a pretty nifty and most affordable combo pack!!  These two self guided adventures go together like peanut butter and jelly–margaritas and salt–teal and maroon!

You can now purchase the Combo pack on both the BIG page and the DEEP page–and save mucho dinero when you do so!

Plus, trust me–you don’t want to venture into DEEP without making the journey through BIG first–so if you are new to FEARLESS Painting and ready to deepen your connection to creative source, align yourself with your true innate expression, and become a more confidant Artist–than the Combo Pack is certainly the medicine to help you!

Happy FEARLESS Painting everyone!!

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