What Would You Do?

A couple days ago one of my absolute best friends told me that she got the most clarity around her life and business by journaling about one simple thing: if I only had one year to live, what would I do?

What’s genius about this prompt (all thanks to an Anne Lamott facebook update) is that one year is a good chunk of time that you’d still have to keep paying the bills and buying groceries every week.  Unlike if someone asked you: what would you do if you had one day, one week, or even one month to live.  With those time limitations, you could possibly blow some things off like brushing your teeth or renewing your magazine subscriptions.

Anyways, tears flowed from my eyes as my friend sweetly read me her journal entry.  Not only was it inspiring–it was so incredibly doable.

Well, I haven’t sat down and journaled around this yet.  Me and resistance are doing our usual tango to warm up the creative juices.

But, I have thought about it.

The first thing that came to mind is that I would fall in love with my life more each day.

Yeah–isn’t that all pretty and neat?

I know why I haven’t dug into this juicy journaling prompt yet.  I know why I keep allowing resistance to run it’s hand across my ass as we strut across the dance floor.

It’s about something I caught myself saying when I was casually talking with the women at my last Total Alignment retreat.

They were all discussing their “dream jobs” when, without any thought, I said “This is my dream job.  Sitting around with women–helping them paint FEARLESS.”

Those words felt like a bee stung my tongue.

Wake up Connie.  Wake up.

You got work to do Mama.

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