Why I Turned Off Comments


Slowly, I’ve been breathing new energy into this sacred online space called Dirty Footprints Studio.  And as I inhale and exhale, I’ve been making intentional changes to it as well.

One biggie is that I turned off comments.

This wasn’t something I just did on a whim.  Believe me.

It is something I reflected upon for months.  Considered, then changed my mind.  Then went back to it again.

But finally, I decided that this is the right move for me.  That the comments, as much as I appreciate tremendously the love and support you leave for me, they have been keeping me from fully expressing myself freely and openly.

I wish I could tell you I was immune to the attendant inside my head that would keep track of what posts got how many comments and which not.  But I wasn’t.

So for years I tricked myself into thinking I was authentic, but truly I was only using my blogging as mere catering.

My decision to shut off the comment section had nothing to do with putting up boundaries between you and me, my beloved reader.

It’s actually a commitment to shining my light more brightly–
of allowing myself to be fully seen.

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