A Great Launch!


This art journal spread process that you see above was done yesterday by 21 SECRETS teacher Ardith Goodwin.

She was so excited about the opportunity to share her passion and creative spirit in 21 SECRETS Spring 2014 in her workshop The Illuminated Mushroom, that she expressed it so beautifully in this art journal spread above.

But what I love about it most, is that she then openly shared her process with it on Facebook as well.  A total testament that the TEACHERS I choose for 21 SECRETS are heart centered, generous, passionate, and especially talented!

In all four years of 21 SECRETS history we’ve never had a launch day as big as we did yesterday! 21 SECRETS Spring sold over 200 memberships on just the first day!!

Our super pre-sale discount is still going on today!! As I write this, there are actually only 30 more $79 memberships available–so jump on in soon HERE!

I look forward to sharing more about the changes and growth 21 SECRETS will be experiencing in 2014 here on Dirty Footprints Studio–but until then, thank you to everyone that supports the teachers and mission that is 21 SECRETS!!

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