A Little Teaser

I was going to write a lofty post, but then this little guy crawled into my lap and reminded me it’s Friday. And for me, Friday is the beginning of my weekend fast from the internet and all that crazy fast paced information highway stuff.

So I’m going to keep it brief and go enjoy the Fall like weather that has finally blessed our desert!

But I wanted to tell you that this Monday we will be revealing the new family of teachers that will make up 21 SECRETS Spring 2014….and I’m really super excited, not just because this is my fifth 21 SECRETS I am launching–but because this time around I did things a little differently.

I got really clear on what my mission is behind 21 SECRETS before inviting teachers.

Really clear.

For the past four years I’ve invited teachers that I feel are heart centered, talented, and generous with their passion—and yes it’s created beautiful tapestries of creativity and healing–but something feels like it has shifted this year…the teachers that have accepted my invitation are all of those beautiful qualities that I look for and they are also in alignment with the 21 SECRETS mission.

And that my friends, is what is going to make this 21 SECRETS knock-your-socks-off powerful.

I promise I will share more about the 21 SECRETS mission later.

But I just wanted to let you know that Monday we’ll be revealing the new teachers–a few new changes–and a pretty sweet pre-sale discount for those that jump in early!

I’m so excited I had to give you a little teaser!

Wishing you a beautiful weekend!


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