Painting The Feminine :: Destruction


I painted this spread while meditating on destruction.  Asking how it’s a force of the Feminine as well.

Kali came to mind of course.  The blue Hindu goddess that rides a wild tiger.

And I am also sadden to no end thinking about the victims and destruction caused by Typhoon Haiyan.  My heart and prayers are with the Souls suffering.

But even without the siege of Mother Nature herself, the feminine nature of destruction touches all of our lives.

It’s the clearing away.
The painful severing of attachments.
The moment of death that arrives to serve us
just before the moment of birth walks into our lives.
Or sometimes vice versa.

But none of us are immune from her caress.

So with this painting, I pray for compassion and the strength to practice kindness
in the midst of her destructive path.

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