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For the longest time I’ve been hearing the call to return to my painting practice.

It’s not that I’ve actually left it completely….but for the last year or so it shifted I feel, into something else.  Something that I touched upon HERE earlier.  Something more cerebral.

But this Painting The Feminine series I’ve started is really pulling me deeper in a different way than I’ve ever experienced before with my paintbrush—and it’s doing it at rapid speed even.

Untouched emotions…..buried memories….timeless ancient truths….They are all surfacing as I surrender myself to the process.  And it’s all happening with such magic and predictability at the same time.  (What you would totally expect when Painting the Feminine, of course.)

And what I keep hearing again and again is that I’m ready.  It’s time.  There’s no turning back or straying from the path.  It’s just time.

Time to really embrace as well as embody what this FEARLESS Painting Process is all about.  Time to understand it on a cellular level and live with it like it is my beloved.  For in so many ways it has proven itself to be again and again my whole entire life.

Way before I even called it FEARLESS painting….I was FEARLESS Painting.

I can remember with great detail being a small child and using painting as a way of connecting with the stillness and wisdom inside me.

It wasn’t until late high school–when my focus was on getting into an art school and winning a scholarship that my intuitive nature of painting that I loved and connected with so intimately was pushed aside and even suppressed-so that I could begin to master skill and technique.  So that I could create a product that would win me big buck-a-roos and entrance into some prestigious institutions.  So that I could make others happy and prove everyone wrong that making a living at art WAS possible.

I spent my twenties struggling with this battle I adopted on.  And not until my earlier thirties did I finally say fuck it and throw in the towel on painting for product altogether and began to open myself fully to the FEARLESS Painting Process.

But even though I made BIG and DEEP with the greatest of love and sincerity–underneath it all I was still entertaining the fear that I took on in my late teens.  The fear that didn’t belong to me.  The fear that I bought into–from my family, society, heck–even art school pumps this crap into you as well.

I’m ready to give myself over to this process–in understanding it’s wisdom and strength and purpose in this world.

And it’s funny, because the minute I fully accepted that this is what I need to do–I get a swarm of emails from lovely women asking when will I be hosting IGNITE again–my FEARLESS Painting Teacher Training.

I keep stalling with my answer because my mind wants to jump in and just do it–but my heart knows that I can’t.  That I need to take this upcoming year in 2014 to truly live, breathe, and embody this practice in my life.  I need to truly make it my spiritual path and commit to it as sadhana–if I’m going to teach others to do the same.

So, I guess all I’m really doing right now is making it public.  Stating my intention–not only to you my beautiful reader, but more boldly even to the Universe.

The Universe and I are funny that way.  She likes to see things in writing before she stirs up the appropriate medicine in my life.

I hope that you will join me on this journey.  I plan to share it openly hear on Dirty Footprints Studio of course….but I’m also going to create something a little more intimate and intentional for those of you that might be hearing the call as well to pick up your paintbrush and take your Artist calling more seriously but I’ll talk more about that later.

Until then, I’m just going to keep Painting The Feminine and showing up here.

Thanks for all the love and support.  Now get off the computer and start painting!

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