You Won’t Believe This!


So I’ve started SCULPTING the Feminine!

What you may or may not know about me is that for years and years I worked as a ceramicist!

Truth is, the very first thing I did when I moved to Arizona over seven years ago was rent a beautiful space in a co-op ceramics studio out in the desert.  I was working full time as an elementary/middle school art teacher during the day and throwing mud around at night!

Eventually I left the studio to focus on painting.  But that desire to create in 3D is always with me.

And now that I’ve started this Painting The Feminine series, I have to admit, it’s stronger than ever.

Right around Thanksgiving I began to have the itch to start sculpting the Feminine.  My first shot at it was with a package of paper clay–and it just didn’t feel right.  I didn’t feel very connected to the actual material and the piece I created was quite a flop.

So after my mini-affair with the paper clay, I realized that a big chunk of my disappointment was because my heart wanted to create something much larger than what the paper clay would allow me to.  So I hopped on over to the arts and crafts store on the hunt for some materials that could get me moving in the right direction.

What I’ve settled on is creating my sculpture in plaster.

I use to teach plaster sculpture to my middle schoolers every year back in my days of teaching in public school.  But, other than that,  I haven’t had much experience in it myself.

Though here I go!

I’m sculpting the Feminine!

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