I Struggle Just Like You


Yesterday was opening day of 21 SECRETS LIVE!  Hali Karla, Lisa Wilson, and myself painted in our art journals live while artists across the globe watched, chatted with us, and did the same thing.  After the broadcast it was so exciting to hop into our private Facebook group to see photos of everyone’s work start rolling in!

I have to admit though that painting live is really nerve-wracking for me at first.  It probably took me about 20 minutes till my nerves began to settle–and it certainly wasn’t until the last 20 minutes of the show that my painting actually started to come together.

So basically, for the bulk of the 90 minute show I was struggling with my piece.  And as you can imagine, it’s one thing to struggle with your art privately, it’s a little different with a live audience.

But as uncomfortable as I was, I know that it’s really helpful for other Artists, especially those starting out, to see that struggling with ones art is a normal part of the process.

Yes, normal.

What happened live on camera last night is just about the same thing that happens every night when I’m painting in my studio by my lonesome!

I wish I could tell you that my painting sessions are always blissed out and gooey feeling.  The truth is the opposite actually.  Most of the time there is a bit of a struggle and a long drawn out period of me saying WTF over and over!!

Though, after decades of practice, the struggle no longer discourages me.

I view the struggle as the catalyst that pushes me further, strengthens me as an Artist, and many times helps me release a lot of emotional and energetic debris that might otherwise come out in less pretty ways in my life!

So when you find yourself hating your painting or bored with your work or thinking you should just throw in the paint towel and take up basket weaving instead–breathe deeply, use profanities if needed, and just keep painting.

It gets better.  And if doesn’t, another painting will come along later that will win your heart again.  Promise.

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