A Crazy Little Road Trip


Years ago, when I worked a job that was draining my energy and laid heavy on my heart, I would CONSTANTLY dream of the day I would finally be self sustainable–that Dirty Footprints Studio would be my main gig.

To put the whole law of attraction bit into action every-now-and-then I would call off of work and spend the day as if I was already self sustainable.  I would begin by going to yoga class, then spend time in my favorite coffee shop working on my laptop, and finally close my day in the studio painting.

That’s all it took to keep me in the spirit of believing.  To actually feel what I was working towards and to know in my heart that it was totally possible.

Then one day, shortly after I quit my job, I found myself in an early morning yoga class and as I sat there waiting for the teacher to begin tears ran down my face.

I was no longer calling off of work.  This was my life.

I made it happen.  I manifested it.  I put forth my will, aligned my thoughts, and my dreams became a reality.

This weekend Hansel, Phoenix and I went on two big road trips here in Arizona.   Each one destined to a place where we could immerse ourselves in the landscape and spend some time nestled in Mother Earth’s lap.

But for me it was more than just a couple road trips.  It felt like a precursor to where life is headed.  A reflection of a dream, if you may.

A dream that has been softly simmering in my heart.

A dream that is, by far, different.   In fact, at times it only appears as a soft, faint calling.

It’s certainly not a strong pounding desire or some desperate need to do something else–which up until now all my dreams have been flavored as and has fueled everything I do down to my breathing.

But let me tell you, this dream has more depth than any other dream I’ve ever held in my heart before.

Out there in the woods, as I watched Phoenix carve his way through the trail and stop and smell the pine trees or bend down to look closely at a rock, I realized that I’ve out grown manifesting.

I’m miles away from the days of making things happen just because I have a desire and strong will to have it’s presence in my life.

My dreams are no longer soaked in wishes and oh pretty please and countless journal pages filled with how life could be better if only a, b, and c.

I’ve laid down my sword.   I’ve somehow lost my ambition.  I’m sinking into myself, instead of stepping into my bigness.

Like a humble servant I now ask the Universe for orders, instead of pretentiously giving them.

And most of all, what I’ve discovered is this…this is the true purpose of intuition:

It’s our compass.  Our road map.  And our change for the toll booths.

It’s the one thing worth investing in

on this crazy little road trip

that we’re all out here navigating.


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