Say Hello To Galia Alena & Jane Cunningham!


From now until April 1st, every Friday here at Dirty Footprints Studio I will be introducing a few of the amazing teachers that are part of 21 SECRETS Spring which releases on April 1st as the first ever 21 SECRETS eBook!  Already I have introduced you to:

  • Ardith Goodwin and DeAnne Olguin Williamson HERE
  • Effy Wild and Erin Faith Allen HERE

Today I am pleased to introduce you to Galia Alena and Jane Cunningham.

Galia Alena is an Artist that weaves her passion and curiosity throughout various mediums.  When you visit her website spend some time clicking the different pages located on the nav bar at the top.  You’ll see her inspiring art journaling videos, evidence of her hands against clay, and a peek into her world through her photography.  What I love about Galia’s work is that she integrates the sacred, blends in ritual, and honors all that is natural and organic in this world.   I feel like Galia’s workshop Claiming Our Mythos is going to stir things up in just the right way.

To learn more about Galia you can visit her website HERE.

To read her 21 SECRETS bio go HERE.

When Jane Cunningham picks up a paintbrush, her heart flows from the bristols.  I know this as true because Jane at one time was my student.  Through the years I’ve had the privilege to witness Jane grow confidant as an Artist and spread her wings as a teacher.  The best way to describe Jane is as a conduit for love.  Not only does she support and hold exquisite space for women to unravel and heal, she also is committed to creating community around prayer.  Jane is a woman of deep wisdom, big compassion, and immense talent.  I have great trust that in her workshop Succor she will hold each of us with the most tender of hearts and warmest of intentions.

To learn more about Jane visit her website HERE.

To read her 21 SECRETS bio go HERE.

Go HERE to register & learn more about 21 SECRETS Spring!

Please join me next Friday when I introduce Jeanette House & Jes Belkov Gordon.

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