Say Hello To Juliana Coles & Julie Gibbons!


From now until April 1st, every Friday  here at Dirty Footprints Studio I am proud to introduce a few of the amazing teachers that are part of 21 SECRETS Spring which releases on April 1st as the first ever 21 SECRETS eBook!  You can meet the past eight teachers I’ve already introduced to you HERE.

Today, please say hello to Juliana Coles and Julie Gibbons–you’re going to love them!

There is nothing cutesy or girly about Juliana Cole’s artwork–and I think that’s why I love it so freaking much! But don’t get me wrong, Juliana’s work embodies the rawness, mysterious, and especially the darkness of the Feminine Spirit.  Her work is not for those unwilling to dive deeper–that’s why she calls her process Extreme Visual Journaling! Over the years artists, like myself, have flocked to her call to journey into the unknown through her workshops and retreats.  Juliana also hosts the Secret Society of Sketchers that has an array of talent always sharing and showing up! It is a HUGE honor to have Juliana as part of 21 SECRETS Spring! I’ve been waiting for a long time to cultivate the courage to invite her–and I’m so glad she said yes.  Her workshop Setting The Stage is one of the first I’ll be diving into!

To learn more about Juliana please visit her website HERE and check out her official bio HERE.

Years ago Miss Julie Gibbons wrote me an email that really made an impression on me.  She shared her passion and excitement for being an Artist and even more, she shared a sincere desire to help other Artists discover their true selves through Art.  There was something really special I felt radiating through her email  and I’ve been watching Julie evolve as an Artist ever since.  In the last couple years, Julie has really put herself out there in BIG ways and has been successfully helping others discover their creative spunk as well!  You have to admire a woman that has the heart and courage, like Julie does, to follow her dreams with such passion! I have a strong feeling that her 21 SECRETS workshop Psyche’s Tattoo Parlour is going to pull the same spirit out of us as well.  It’s such a pleasure to introduce you to Julie Gibbons!

To check out her website jump on over HERE and you can review her official bio HERE.

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Please join me next Friday when I introduce Katie Kendrick & Lisa Cheney!

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