Studio Update


January just flew by.

All month I was super busy guiding a group of amazing women through my first ever Painting The Feminine workshop which closed this past Monday.  Plus, 21 SECRETS LIVE! started up and has been loads of fun too!

All of this teaching and holding space is exciting, fun, and most of all fulfilling.  But it takes me away from my own painting practice and creativity, and let me tell you, that starts to take a toll on me.

So, as much as I’m going to miss checking in on my FEARLESS Painters every day, I’m ready to burrow back into my studio and pick up where I left off on my own personal painting the Feminine journey!

Where I plan to start is with those paintings on canvas I created way back in November (posted above).

At the time I really thought they were finished, but the more that I lived with them, the more they have been calling me back for a visit.

Plus, take a look at that sweet stack of canvases that are waiting patiently for me.  Over the holiday last year I happened to stroll into the art store when they were having a three for one sale.

Yes, three for one–so I went a little crazy!

That’s what you can look forward to seeing more of from me this February, and many of you have been writing me asking if I’ll be hosting Painting The Feminine again and my answer is a great big juicy YES!  I’m thinking Spring!


I’d love to know what you have on the agenda for art making this month too! Come on over to the Dirty Footprints Studio Facebook page  HERE and share your ideas / plans / dreams in the comment section of the post that says STUDIO UPDATE!  Let’s celebrate being creatively active together!

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