This Is The Truth To My Own Success


On June 6, 2010 I woke up in the morning and just decided that today was the day.  I was going to quit my job.

A job, that at one time I hated.  Despised.  Spent all of my time bitching about.

But, way before I got to the point of actually quitting, I decided that if this job is my present reality–if this is where I truly am and have to stay if the bills are gonna get paid on Friday…well…then…I better do something to make this experience a bit more pleasant, calmer, and at peace.

So instead of changing my circumstances in some drastic crazy way (like quitting my job when I had nothing else in place).  I full heartedly decided I would change my perspective and pour my focus on the things I did like about my job instead.

And that’s what I did.

It didn’t happen all at once or especially over night.  But day by day, week by week, I removed myself from conversations with others that too hated their job.  I caught myself  and shifted my behavior from always getting worked up because I didn’t agree with the tasks I was being asked to do, instead I channeled that energy into looking for ways that I could do it with the least bit of suffering.

My mantra became “water on a duck, water on a duck, water on a duck” for probably a whole year straight.

And then, one morning, as a third grader ran over my toe with his bike, I realized that my job wasn’t that bad.  That heck, I even kind of liked it.  I loved being able to watch my students grow up before my eyes.  I loved receiving hugs from them and little portraits of myself that made me look like an overweight robot or a skinny needle with a donut head.  I loved knowing that I created a safe space for everyone–from the children who were shy and introverted to the children all the teachers dreaded to have.  My room was home.  My room was my heart–and no administration bureaucracy bullshit was ever going to squash that.

So with a throbbing big toe, on that day, I realized that true empowerment is embracing where you are at in the moment without accepting that you have to suffer because of the external circumstances.

At that moment, I decided that if I had to always work this job from now until some possible retirement, I believe I could do it and be happy.

But that was it you see.

That was the key moment on how I became a self-sustainable Artist.  That was the conception of Dirty Footprints Studio as my full-time business.  Right there–right that second.

That was the moment when I completely surrendered to Spirit…when I fully dedicated myself to following my Truth.

Here’s the thing dear friends.  When and if you choose to live a life devoted to Spirit and Creativity, you don’t call the shots.

Sure, you may feel like you’re steering the boat, but the ocean current is directing the motion.

We only have two choices: to go with the flow or against.  And for me, I could never have made it to where I am now, if I hadn’t stopped fighting where I was then.

Lately, I’ve received many emails from women asking me how did I start Dirty Footprints Studio–what was it like when I began.

This is the story I always tell.  This is the truth to my own success.

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