Art Making & Healing….For Real!


I have so much on my plate now-a-days that I tend to say no way more than I say yes to all the beautiful invitations I receive to take part in online.

But Spectrum, where I will be teaching my Move Your Body :: Move Your Brush course this Fall, is different.

Hali Karla, the host of Spectrum, was one of my students in IGNITE.  I have had the incredible honor of watching her truly step into her power as an Artist, Healer, and gather of women, that when she started telling me about this workshop she wanted to do, I kept secretly praying she would ask me to join her.

Then, once she did and I found out more information about it and got to see who the other amazing women were that decided to come aboard as well–I tried to convince Hali to join forces with me and bring Spectrum to my 21 SECRETS series in some way or another.

I have to admit, I love what Hali has created so much that I had wished so badly that I had thought of it myself.

But that’s the beautiful thing–there’s no way I could have thought of this.  And more especially, there’s noway I could have even created something remotely as powerful as Spectrum is going to be.


Because I’m not Hali.

For years Hali was a registered nurse who shared her love working bedside to the elderly as they transitioned their way to the other side of this reality.  Hali is filled with compassion and such reverence for life in all it’s mysteries–and most especially, she has a passion for the body and it’s incredible healing abilities.

That’s what Hali brings to Spectrum.  That’s what’s so special about it!

A true, honest, anchored in both science as well as spirituality connection to healing.

Yes, I am so excited to be a part of Spectrum and share my FEARLESS® Painting Process–but I am even more deeply proud of this work that Hali, a woman I have grown to admire and respect immensely, created from her heart and her own life’s experience as a gifted, compassionate Healer.

If you may notice, I very rarely do affiliate stuff here at Dirty Footprints Studio, and once-in-awhile I might recommend things.  The reason why is because I have to stand 100% behind it–I have to really believe in it before I share it with you, my readers.

Spectrum is one of those things I can say with great confidence that I know is going to be a powerful journey, and so worth each penny and dime of registration.

So c’mon!  Do this for yourself.  Come join me at Spectrum!  It starts today, March 1st!

For more information & to register, please use my affiliate link HERE.

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