Say Hello To Lisa Hofmann & Lisa Sonora Beam!

From now until April 1st, every Friday  here at Dirty Footprints Studio I am proud to introduce a few of the amazing teachers that are part of  21 SECRETS Spring which releases on April 1st as the first ever 21 SECRETS eBook!  You can meet the past teachers I’ve already introduced to you HERE.

Today we get a treat–two Lisa’s!

I’ve had the pleasure to know Ms Lisa Hofmann for years now.  Actually, Lisa was a teacher in the very first 21 SECRETS way back in 2010! That’s when Lisa was just doing this art thing on the side–but now, Lisa has finally taken the plunge of living her dream in full color and what a blessing for those of us she touches with her service.  And that’s it, I feel! That’s the best way to describe the work that Lisa does: she serves the Soul with her sensitive heart but bold perspective on embracing life completely.  Sometimes she does this with a paintbrush, sometimes with a camera lens, sometimes with her words, or sometimes just with her feet firmly planted on the Earth below.  But the one thing I know for certain about Lisa is that she is willing to be honest and real and most of all vulnerable…so that all of us can be so as well.  You won’t want to miss her workshop Mandala Meditation & Play in 21 SECRETS Spring.

Learn more about Lisa HERE on her website & read her official bio HERE.

Generous.  Deep.  Brave.  Honest.  Generous. & Brave some more.  That’s how I would best describe Lisa Sonora Beam.  She’s not kidding when she says she wants you to be fearless in your writing…but I’ll tell you, from someone that knows her personally—she really wants you to be fearless in  life.  Because that’s how she lives her beautiful journey and that’s what she pulls from her students so naturally.  Just writing this paragraph alone I’m getting all choked up, because Lisa’s work is all about passion–yours and her own.  Everything she does comes from an open heart to help and make the world a better place.  So I can’t help but believe that her workshop A New Chapter: Fearless Writing In Your Journal is going to be no small token…she’ll take you places with your writing, places you probably thought you couldn’t go before.

Soak up more Lisa on her website HERE and read her official bio HERE.

21 SECRETS Spring is on sale now!

Go HERE for more info!

Meet me back here next Friday when I introduce you to Liz Lamoreux & Natasha White!

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