Video Rewind :: Why We Need To Get Over Ourselves


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Once I finish editing and uploading my art video I leave it behind.

Very rarely do I go back and actually watch it.  Then what tends to happen next is I forget about it.

This is one of those videos that I forgot about completely.

When I watched it now part of me thought  Oh gosh Connie, you are such a goofball.  It’s so obvious that you were teaching art in an elementary school during the time you shot this baby.

The truth is, even though I may be  talking to you in this video all confidant and such…I’m really pretty self conscious about the whole thing.

It takes me quite a few takes to finally drop into the zone where I become at ease talking to the camera.  Even now, after literally shooting hundreds of videos, I still struggle with nerves every time that little red light is blinking.

So what helps me get over it?

I know that the work that I’m doing touches others in a very positive and powerful way.

I’ve been told by many beautiful Souls that they turn to my videos for inspiration, to feel connection, or the one that gets me all the time:  to experience joy.

When we work directly from our heart and create from a place of generosity, the work is not our own.  It has a life and reach that is completely out of our control.

So things that I may look at and think who in their right mind is gonna like this–might be the exact medicine some other Soul needed to receive.

We don’t know.

That’s why, as artists, it’s our responsibility to share the work we do–especially the work that comes directly from that sweet space of love and light.

So shine dear hearts!! Shine! You might be saving someone’s life.

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