When It’s Time To Unfurl


Just recently I watched a powerful interview with the musical duo Deva Premal and Miten.  They have been touring the world for almost 25 years sharing their music and love of mantra. The woman interviewing them asked what advice they had for those starting out and Miten said “trust the music–it will take care of you”.

That’s exactly how I feel about art and creativity.

Trust your art.  Trust your creativity.

I spent years trying to figure out the market–trying to create things I thought would sell.

And my creativity was constantly being wounded on the battlefield.

It wasn’t until I stopped fighting to fit into a market that I found my niche.  That my voice became strong.  That my mission unveiled itself.  That my true calling took over.

But it didn’t happen over night.

It was a slow process, like any letting go always is.

And furthermore, it wasn’t the end of my need to let go as well.

I find myself now in a place I thought I already went through years ago.  I find myself knowing deeply that something else is waiting to unveil itself.  A new expression is emerging.

And yes, all those same insecurities and worries that accompanied me in transition before, have now showed up for another go!

Except I respond differently.

My trust in my art and my own sweet creativity is much deeper since their last visit.   I know that struggles may await me–that growing pains are unavoidable–that I’m bound to make mistakes.

But that doesn’t scare me like it used to.

It actually kind of intrigues me.

The creative process is like sandpaper.  It’s always working to buff out our rough edges and smooth out the grit that keeps our light from shining brightly.


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