Attention To Detail



Ok, so our very first season of 21 SECRETS LIVE! has finally come to an end.

Our last live show was this past Wednesday, June 11th and Lisa, Hali, and I closed it together with great gratitude, joy, and creativity.

Every Wednesday since January we’ve been gathering together live with a special guest teacher to learn a new technique or approach to art journaling–but most of all to create together.

We’ve had tons of laughter, quite a bit of dancing, loads of great conversations, and just fun learning together.  And oh–not to mention our fair share of technical difficulties to navigate through as well!

But the thing I loved the most about 21 SECRETS LIVE! was the opportunity to be a student each week.  I shared a little of what I learned when Rachel Awes was our special guest HERE even and I plan to share more tid-bits in the weeks to come as well.

What I’m sharing today is my journal entries from the 21 SECRETS LIVE! class with Dion Dior.

Dion has been a regular teacher in 21 SECRETS over the years and will be bringing her magic to 21 SECRETS Fall in October as well!  She has this powerful way of merging art school technique with heart centered process–so you always leave her classes feeling inspired and empowered.

I had so much fun being guided on how to sketch and watercolor paint a simple flower.  Dion walked us through her drawing steps and showed us a few ways to apply the watercolor in a quick but effective manner.

The first spread at the top is what I did during her class and the second one I did later that evening.

Plus, you got to check out Dion’s studio!! She shared with us her love for buying stuff on clearance and using it in the studio—so brilliant!

Though what I took away the most from Dion’s class was how important attention to detail can be in our art and life.

Dion’s journals are full of small little details from her day that she commemorates by sketching.  In my own work, I was most influenced by seeing how just a tiny twist of a petal or a little space between lines can make such a big impact in the overall expression.

Slow down.  Take your time.  Attention to detail is a great way to breathe life into something that might otherwise be a bit flat…..definitely some wise words to live and create by!  Thank you Dion!

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