The Key To My Gusto! (& Half Price On BIG & DEEP!)



I think it starts for us in high school?  Right?

No.  Wait.   Maybe it goes back to grade school even?

You know how it is.  Where the beginning of Summer always feels full of so much promise….so much growth…so much freedom from the day-to-day grind that you find yourself in.

And well, I think that’s why this time of year always makes me feel refreshed, bubbling with hope, and a bit more eager than usual to take risks and jump into something new!

As I look back through my life so far, it was right around now, about thirteen years ago, that I was backpacking through Italy all by myself.

Ten years ago this time Hansel and I were hitch hiking along the Pacific Coast in Costa Rica.

Eight years ago exactly we sold all our belongings and took a long roadtrip across the beautiful US of A from Ohio to our current home here in Arizona.

Four years ago this time I quit my job and completely threw my heart and Soul into Dirty Footprints Studio.

And the best thing yet is that right around now, three years ago, I became pregnant with Phoenix to my great joyful surprise!

So, as you can see, the beginning of Summer has certainly been the start of great adventures and deep transformation for me, and it’s no wonder why a few years ago I launched my very first FEARLESS® Painting online Adventure:  BIG  at this time too!

But I don’t want you to think that all of this has come easy peasy for me. Truth is I sometimes get frightened and insecure around following my dreams and stepping out of what is expected of me by society (or even my own family).

I’ve double guessed myself numerous times and even backed down from my dreams from time to time.

But the one constant companion that has guided me through EVERY big transition and exhilarating adventure has been my trusty ol’ paintbrush.  I wouldn’t have lived the life I’ve been blessed with if it wasn’t for my own FEARLESS® Painting Practice.

I turn to FEARLESS® Painting as a way of listening to my innate wisdom and cultivating courage for those times in life I need it most!  And it works!

For me, FEARLESS® Painting is my safe space to practice going BIG, rising above fear, and most of all learning how to navigate through those less than comfortable areas with creativity and gusto.

Oh yes, gusto!!!

That’s why I created the FEARLESS® Painting Adventures BIG and DEEP in the first place.  I wanted to share this practice that I use in my own life with other women…to inspire them and help guide them through the energetic debris that blocks their access to their own innate wisdom.

I believe that life is ours to mold and shape into art.  I believe that we can do more than just follow our dreams–we can actually embody them.  I believe that FEARLESS® Painting can help in clearing the path.

To help fuel your own Summer gusto I’m offering the self-guided BIG and DEEP at half price now until July 1st.

BIG and DEEP are both self guided eBooks so you can take your time or sky rocket your way through these FEARLESS® Painting Adventures and now you can get your hands on them super cheap.

To learn more about BIG go HERE.

To learn more about DEEP go HERE.

Happy FEARLESS® Painting!

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