Video Rewind :: For The Love Of FEARLESS® Painting


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To celebrate my amazing half price sale happening right now until the end of the month on my online FEARLESS® Painting Adventures BIG and DEEP I thought I’d share with you my collection of FEARLESS® Painting videos I’ve made over the years for today’s Video Rewind series!

There’s a grand total of 21 videos–and if you got an extra hour and forty minutes on your hands, you could sit through and watch them all!!!

Every FEARLESS® Painting video I created was my attempt to be poetic and expressive with the actual creative process of making a video.  I don’t just want a straight forward timelapse of myself painting—I want to tell a story or create a mood along with it!

I hope you enjoy and most of all I hope it inspires you to start FEARLESS® Painting as well!

To learn more about BIG go HERE.

To learn more about DEEP go HERE.

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